HOW TO Apply As a Model

Thank you for your interest in modeling for the ALA Fashion Show! The show will take place at the Ontario Convention Center on January 26th, 2018 at 2pm. Model call time will be at 8am. Hair and make-up will be provided as well as snacks and beverages. All accepted models will also receive a free full weekend badge to the Anime Los Angeles convention for 2018. Submit to by December 15th.

Please take note of what we are looking for before applying. 

Female Models
Height: 5'7"+
Dress Size: 0-6

Male Models
Height: 5'10"+

Female Models Plus Size
Height: 5'7"+
Dress Size: 8-16

Child Models
Ages: 6-14
Any Height

experienced Models

Experienced models please submit the following:
1.  Contact information
2. Measurements (Height, Bust, Waist, Inseam, Hips, Shoe Size)
3. 1 runway photo OR link to runway video (please see example below)
4. At least 1 headshot and at least 1 full body shot, OR link to online portfolio, OR Digitals (please see example below)
5. Please submit to by December 15th

Agency models need only submit the following:
1.  Link to agency portfolio, OR attach at least 1 headshot, at least 1 full body shot, and your measurements
2. Your agency
3. Your contact information, OR your agency's contact information if you prefer for us to go through your agency.
4. Please submit to by December 15th


FIRST Time Models

Models with little to no experience on the runway, please submit the following:
1.  Contact information
2. Measurements (Height, Bust, Waist, Hips, Inseam, Shoe Size)
3. Digitals (please see example below)
4. Link to video of your runway walk (please see example below)
5. Please submit to by December 15th



Example of digitals

Model digitals are taken on a white background with minimal to no make-up. They can be taken with any digital camera or camera phone. Just grab a family member or friend and find a nice white wall in your house to shoot against. Please wear form fitting clothing or clothing that shows your body (tank top, crop top, skinny jeans, bikini (women only), or going shirtless (men only) are all good options). Please submit full body, waist up, headshot, and profile. Examples below:

 Full Body

Full Body

 Waist Up

Waist Up

 3/4 Profile

3/4 Profile




Example of Runway Walk Video

You can video your runway walk with your phone in any hallway, or even on the sidewalk in front of your house. We just need to see at least 8 steps so we can get a feel for your walk. Female models, please wear heels.

Please upload your video onto Vimeo or Youtube and provide us with the link. If you don't want strangers to see your video, please be sure to password protect it (and include the password in your e-mail!) or adjust the privacy settings as necessary.

Example below:

Password to view the video is: alafs


Please submit to by December 15th